Young Empowered Startuppers (YES) is partnering with BC School Districts to bring the innovation and startup journey to high school students across the province. Qualified school districts can now apply for a grant through RBC Future Launch to help bring the YES EdTech journey to their district.

YES’ ever-growing impact spans from the southern tip of Vancouver Island to Prince Rupert and is now inclusive of over 500 students.

School districts see the value of entrepreneurship education for their students in preparing them to enter the future workforce. Entrepreneurship education and experience cultivates key skillsets for high school students. Through entrepreneurship, students learn how to be resilient, creative, adaptable and find unique solutions to real world problems. In smaller and remote communities, it opens the doors to new career opportunities as students graduate and have the skills to bring their businesses to fruition locally.

“It is a challenge for a small northern school district such as SD91 to consistently find teachers, mentors, and the large class sizes typically required to offer entrepreneurship opportunities for our learners. The YES platform allows us to bring the innovation journey and cutting-edge startup methodology to students and their communities. SD91 is pleased to add “YES” to our valued ‘Partners in Education’ community.” – Darren Carpenter, Career & Trades Programs Coordinator at Nechako Lakes School District 91.

“By delivering accessible state-of-the-art entrepreneurship education and experiences to students and teachers no matter their location, school districts with Empowered Startups are positioned to elevate and upskill high school students across Canada.” – Naheed Henderson, CEO at Young Empowered Startuppers.

What is YES? YES is an award winning fully road mapped digital entrepreneurship journey delivered through an innovative and robust online learning and activity platform that students anywhere can access with a simple login. Starting with basic ambition and curiosity, students are seamlessly lead on a startup journey beginning with an idea and ending with a validated and pitch ready business. YES does the heavy lifting for schools and teachers by removing the need for expert internal resources otherwise necessary to deliver such innovative programming. YES’ virtual delivery also allows for schools and teachers to easily transition between on-site, hybrid or 100% virtual learning models.

About Empowered Startups

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